Different Types Of Bookcases


A bookcase is a cabinet containing shelves, where books are arranged. This arrangement is mostly found in a study or a formal living room arrangement. There are two major kinds of bookcase categories, the most common being the freestanding bookcases, and the other the leaning bookcases, depending on the kind of placement in relation to wall proximity.

There are a number of other classifications of bookcases, as below.

Modular bookcases

Modular bookcases can either have a covered back and an uncovered back prop. Modular bookcases can be made of different materials, from a dark wood bookcase, metallic bookcase, and plastic ones.

They are constructed by stacking or sliding different shapes or modular parts together, to create a single tall wall unit.

Ladder bookcases

These are shaped like a ladder, with four feet attached at the top and apart in the bottom. Shelves are nailed in between the legs, reducing in size ascending. The ladder bookcases can either be leaning or freestanding, depending on the architecture.

Shelf bookcases

These are the most used bookcases, due to their simplicity and ease of construction. These shelves have different categories, such as adjustable and non-adjustable; open and closed back bookcases and depending on the number of shelves. Shelf bookcases can be built from various material, with the most common being common wood or dark wood bookcases.

Bookcases for display

These bookcases are mostly used for children books or in bookshops. The books in a display bookcase are arranged along the edge, with their faces facing forward to display the title of the book. It is ideal when the collection of books is not very large, or there is an ample amount of space.

Foldable bookcases

For a multipurpose room, where space is a constraint, there is a need for a flexible bookcase. Foldable bookcases, as the name suggests, have shelves which can be folded together, which reduces the need for disassembly if there is need to relocate to another room, or create space for a different activity.

Corner Bookcases

These are often fitted with trident legs, affixed together on the top. They are best suited where there is minimal space. The corner bookcases are placed in free spaces, such as corners since it easily adapts to corners. These bookcases make a room beautiful, where books are placed next to art collections.

Hanging bookcases

These are a new age kind of bookcases, which have different model ideas. Their difference from the rest id they don’t have a base on the ground. A hanging bookcase can be one nailed to a wall, or a more creative one hanged using chains attached to the roof of the room, dangling down different shapes or cubes to different heights, making a particular pattern. These cubes are then used for placing books.

The hanging bookcases are most preferred when a light material is used, as opposed to the heavy dark wood bookcases which are heavy and risk accidents.

A bookcase design and color are determined mostly by personal choice, though in other cases, the general décor of the room should be considered, in addition to the space available.

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